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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I submit?

We love promoting lady anglers and their stories. Therefore, we LOVE to see trophy photos along with corresponding stories.  We also will accept “how to” articles, gear reviews, and any words of encouragement for our lady anglers.  All photos must be appropriate and not all submitions are guaranteed if they fall outside our guidelines.

Can I submit a photo if I’m male?

YES! We love our male partners, audiences, and fellow anglers.  However, this site is geared toward women and fishing.  Therefore, we prefer you submit photos of yourselves WITH the women in your life… and feel free to submit a story!


Do I get paid for my contribution?

No.  There is no payment for contributing.  However, YOU WILL get full credit for your work as well as links back to your social media accounts and websites.

When will my post be up?

We try to get all stories up within a week of submission; however, we do get busy. If we choose not to use your submission, we will let you know right away through email.

How often can I contribute?

As often as you would like! You are always free to send us your photos and articles as often as you want.  However, if you would like to work with us more professionally, we would love to have you as a regular contributor!