Early season to late season, Emily has had incredible success pulling local monster pike through the ice.
From a small town in Ontario, Emily is no stranger to northern toothy fish. While she targets a range of fish, pike are her specialty. This ice season alone she has pulled out dozens of pike with many of them being in the 35″+ range and three that went over 40″.

For any seasoned pike angler, that is no easy task.

When the temperatures drop each winter, Emily gets excited knowing that during ice season she is able to access spots that she otherwise cannot in open water. Her favorite way to fishing during ice season is to set up a tip-up pattern and then light a fire right on the ice while waiting for flags.

Emily releasing one of her giant pike through the ice.
Photograph @emmm72
On this particular day, Emily took her mother out with her for the first time. As if the pike knew it was the perfect time to show themselves, Emily’s mom watched as her daughter’s flag went off and got a front row seat to Emily fighting this monster pike.

“She was just as excited as I was! She only gets to hear me talk about my fish or see photos, so for her to see the whole thing from start to finish was special.”

“It is about making yourself uncomfortable, taking risks, and being committed.”
Emily says the most important thing is to simply get out there. “For every nice pike or even fish I catch, there are weeks of undocumented work behind it. Be independent, do your homework, learn your species, get on Google Earth.”
Emily holding her trophy catch!
Photograph by @emmm72
A word of advice Emily offers for new anglers is that “it is about making yourself uncomfortable, taking risks and being committed.” From personal experience, she also notes, “don’t let anyone tell you are not a good angler. Put your head down, grind it out and the respect will come.”

Emily says that while fishing with others is great when you are learning, there is something to be said for finding your own spots and learning how to read Mother Nature that will benefit you greatly in the long run.

You can check out other amazing catches from Emily on her page: www.instagram.com/emmm72/

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