Amanda Louwers caught my attention over a year ago when I ran across the ridiculous number of large steelhead trout she had on her Instagram page.

From steelhead to sturgeon to pike, I was instantly blown away by how well this girl could fish!

I’ve seen accounts filled with beautiful rainbows, walleye, pike, and panfish, but very rarely do I come across one with such a large diversity of fish.

Therefore, as a superfan of hers,Β  I felt that I needed to include her in one of our first ever “catch and tells.”

As she landed yet another steelhead trout, I asked her to share a few sentences with us about her experiences.

Be sure to read about it below!

β€œI had been out for hours with no luck.

Pouring rain and extremely foggy, I could hardly see my bobber at the end of my drift.

I eventually swapped colors, and right when I was thinking of packing up, my bobber shot down.

I fought this guy for 10 minutes before I finally landed him.

In the end, he left me with a bent hook and a memory I won’t forget.”

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