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Like-minded anglers share incredible catch stories, fishing adventures, and the catches of a lifetime.

Girl catches a monster 40 inch northern pike in Wisconsin.

Erin Kiel: Huge Wisconsin Pike

"One day I was casually bass fishing, and I had my first sighting of a giant musky following my lure. Becoming aware of how big of fish were swimming in the water shook me to my core, and I just knew that I...
Minnesota girl lands giant muskie in Illinois.

Nattie’s Impressive Kayak Muskie

"Don’t get discouraged, don’t get down, and don’t quit. You simply cannot control how many fish you catch. All you can do is keep showing up, keep bombing baits, keep figure-eighting until your arms want to fal...
Girl catches monster salmon

Marina: Salmon & Steelies

“There is nothing like seeing your indicator drop, setting the hook and feeling those first head shakes. Its unlike anything else!” Marina means, “from the sea”, so it comes as no surprise that you...