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Chelsea catches a monster Canadian muskie.

Chelsea & Her Monster Muskie

Being an avid, die-hard muskie angler is the least you could say about Chelsea Lynn. Though she also likes to target beautiful Candian trout in the fall and winter, once muskie season opens in June, a muskie ro...
Giant splake caught ice fishing for trout in Utah.

Monster Hybrid Char

The rise of the sun peaked over a snowy mountain silhouette. The cold hue of blue was replaced by warm yellows as every minute gave way to daybreak. The air was brisk but suggestive of a beautiful late winter d...
Giant Utah tiger trout.

Letting a Record Tiger Trout Go

Disbelief was an understatement. Staring at the silver, near indiscernible fish that just came out of the hole, I remember yelling, "Its a tiger! ITS A TIGER!" This was my first weekend checking out this partic...