How to fix a broken fishing rod

EASILY Fix Your Broken Fishing Rod

If you have ever broken the end of your fishing rod, I've got the perfect solution for you. There is nothing worse than looking up in the middle of a good bite just to realize you snapped the end of your ...
Exactly how to find the best fishing line!

How to Pick the Perfect Fishing Line

Fishing line: you’ve seen commercials, tv shows, read articles, and listened to anglers discuss their favorite line. You’ve found each and every person using a different line for a different purpose. You may e...
Walleye Fishing for Beginner

Nicole Stone’s Walleye Fishing Setup

Nicole Stone's Walleye Fishing Setup Walleye fishing isn't easy.  With such great depth variabilities, presentation options, and varying techniques, finding the right gear isn't easy either.  Walleye are el...