“One day I was casually bass fishing, and I had my first sighting of a giant musky following my lure. Becoming aware of how big of fish were swimming in the water shook me to my core, and I just knew that I had to go after them.”

As evidence with this pike– there is no doubt Erin Kiel went after them. With many of the most memorable fish catches, this monster came when Erin was not expecting it. It was a warm day on Green Bay during that first cast when she felt the weight that would indicate that she had snagged up.

Erin & her sister holding her amazing catch!

Photograph: @erinjk13

As luck would have it, this snag was moving. “Right away I knew it was pulling heavier than others that I caught before.”


Before she knew it this giant trophy pike was in the net. Erin says holding this fish for the picture was extremely difficult as she was shaking with excitement. This was not only her personal best pike but also the biggest anyone in her family had ever caught out of the lake.

“Right away I knew it was pulling heavier than others that I caught before.”

A 40 inch pike is without a doubt considered a true trophy. Erin knew immediately when she caught this pike that this would be the one to go on her wall. But not on her wall as a skin mount but instead as a replica.

She made sure to get all the measurements and a couple of good pictures and off the pike swam. Spoken as a true angler she says, “knowing the fish I caught is still swimming is something that makes me really happy. I would hope if others caught one like that, that they’d release it too.”

An amazing replica of Erin’s trophy catch by Twin River Taxidermy.

Photograph:  @erinjk13

Erin’s says her goal for this year is to land the fish of 10,000 casts– a muskie. We look forward to not only seeing more monster pike but too her first muskie. You can follow Erin Kiel on her Instagram page to see more of her incredible catches and stay up to date on her quest for a muskie.



I can’t imagine my life without fishing in it. It has brought me so much joy, and a little frustration of course, but mainly joy. It inspires me when I see other women catching big fish. Seeing other ladies out there dominating keeps me going!”

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