If you want to learn how to setup your kayak for this year’s bowfishing adventures, you’ve come to the right place.

Bowfishing is a skill.  It requires putting time into developing technique, learning to adjust for refraction and taking time to practice. Take it from someone who has spent nearly 12 hours straight competing in a bowfishing competition without ever once hitting a carp: it’s not as easy as borrowing a bow and going out and shooting.

As with anything, the right equipment is important. That’s why we reached out to Kaitlin Woodward; the social media bowfishing sensation who went viral last year when she awed us all with her shooting skills. She agreed to share her how-to and gear video with us, so be sure to take advantage of it! You can see her entire video below, where she breaks down exactly what she uses.


Below we listed her entire bow setup (courtesy of her YouTube channel):

  • Kayak: Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12
  • Bow: Cajun Sucker Punch
  • Reel: Cajun Winch
  • Bow Mount: BowDagger attached to my bow, it links into a BowDagger mount that I attached to my kayak rail.
  • Video: I use a Go Pro 3+ attached to a Railblaza mount.

Thank you Kaitlin, for sharing with us your bowfishing setup!

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