“There is nothing like seeing your indicator drop, setting the hook and feeling those first head shakes. Its unlike anything else!”

Marina means, “from the sea”, so it comes as no surprise that you can find this die-hard angler, barefoot and waderless in tributaries of Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and everything in between. Even the smallest of creeks or ponds, Marina passionately pursues her favorite fish: trout and salmon.

This Chinook is not only a monster fish but too Marina’s personal best. Sitting close to the 20lb mark, countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears helped catch this giant salmon. When she landed this beast Marina describes an adrenaline rush, heart pumping and head buzzing, that she will never forget.

Marina holds her personal best Chinook in the water.

Photograph @marinapinkus

When catching fish of this caliber Marina says, “once you’ve hooked into a big fish the fight is not like others. You have to play the fish because you are usually using light line. You have to ‘let them dance’ as someone once told me”. The most gratifying part, however, comes after the fight and the quick pictures. Letting the fish swim away is Marina’s favorite part of the catch.

“Just trying to lift her was a mission in itself because my arms were shaking from the big run she took me on down the river. I was literally running through the water chasing her.”

A lot of Marina’s successes are owed to every angler’s go to—trial and error. Marina says she spends almost all of her free time and energy on the water grinding away, but was lucky enough to have learned from some key people along the way that have helped enhance her knowledge while on the water. That being said, Marina does not shy away from a challenge and loves figuring things out on her own.

Just two of the many Steelhead Marina catches!

Photograph @marinapinkus

Her biggest word of advice is to, “put in time in just walking and observing the water near you. You can gain a lot of knowledge from putting in behind the scenes work. If you have a friend that is willing to take on the adventure with you that can help too! Talking to locals and others that fish for these specific fish can also help a great deal. I find that there are always people willing to help you get starting if they see you are passionate and excited about it!”

While trout and salmon are Marina’s specialty, they are far from being the only fish she targets. Without a doubt, she has a crazy passion for fishing. You can find more of her catches and follow Marina Pinkus at: instagram.com/marinapinkus/ 

“Being able to share my experiences on the water means a lot to me if it gets others excited about it too. That’s why I do it. Ultimately its because I love the water, respect the fish and it is awesome being able to share with people who feel the same way.”

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