No boat? No kayak? No problem. Welcome to the world of SUP fishing, the new fishing movement where you fish from your paddleboard!
Yes, fishing from a paddleboard is a real thing. Have you tried it yet? Although it may not be the most popular form of angling out there, it is definately one of the most rapidly growing. ย It’s affordable, healthy (get your excerise in AND fish), and gives many people the freedom to enjoy the hobby they love without worrying about big and expensive gear that wold have held them back before. ย It’s a new kind of freedom.
Below we list the reasons why YOU CAN be successful and have a blast SUP fishing!

Height Advantage

There’s no better way to sightcast and search for fish than by standing on your paddleboard. You can litterly see EVERYTHING, especially on those days where the sun is just right. Similar to kayak fishing you can quietly paddle your way to those spots boats only dream of getting into.

“You can quietly paddle to those spots that boats only dream of getting to.”

Lightweight (easy to load & launch)

Paddleboards come in a variety of sizes, varrying slightly in weight. Some models hold up to 500lbs so if your a heavier paddler- we’ve got you covered! Many inflatable brands are also available and perfect for on the go- and yes they are alot more durable than you might think! For the most part paddleboards are much lighter than kayaks making them perfect for solo trips with less hassel getting you to the water.

Fishing from the paddleboard comes with many advantages!
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The Price is Right

Affording a boat can be out of the question for many people. That’s why paddleboards are a perfect option.

Thankfully, just like your average starter kayak, paddleboards are relatively affordable ($400-2000). Of course, they will range in price depending on brand and specifications. ย For example, I purchased my first board for a steal at $500 in the off-season. I still fish off it regularly, and I have zero complaints! If price is still an issue, look at used boards. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Get Toned and Tanned (all while fishing!)

Paddle boarding is a full body workout. Now don’t let this discourage you if your already thinking- “it’s too hard!” I promise you- YOU CAN DO IT! Need a break from fishing? The SUP easily doubles as the perfect floating tanning platform! It’s also an awesome rig for practicing that yoga you keep meaning to get into. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Age, size, sex, experience… it doesn’t matter. All you need is the will to try and to give it a chance. You will succeed!

Stay tuned for “all you need to SUP fish” where I will explain the few basic items needed for sucesss as well as tips and tricks!

Happy paddling!

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28 years young. Severn, Ontario Canada is home. Crazy for fish and wildlife.

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