Val's Massive Pike

Most walleye anglers fret at the site of pike on the end of their walleye rig – except when they are this BIG!


On a chilly, windy day on Mille Lacs Lake, Val Tesch and her husband set out in search of some walleye. She was rigged with the 5-foot snell, bottom bouncer, sucker minnow, and set on a troll, going 1.2 to 1.3 mph.

It would end up being a very traditional walleye setup with a very unexpected outcome.

After she hooked up – Val realized she had something much, much bigger on her line than she expected. It eventually surfaced, and she was able to catch a glimpse of the fins and all she could say is:

“Oh My God It’s HUGE!”

After a long run of the drag, she eventually wore it out. When it finally came in, it measured 41″ and 22 pounds. What a giant!

Although it was her personal best pike, she opted out of taking it from the lake and instead through it back to live another day. Way to be a conservationist Val!

Val’s pike is definitely one for our books, and another perfect example of the fish mecca Mille Lacs Lake is. Thanks for sharing Val!

Val is always posting adventures on the water with her family. You can find out more about her on Instagram at @Lady_onthelake and as Val Tesch on Facebook.

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