To Future Anglers: How To Get Started

There is no doubt that angling has always appealed to every age group, and both genders across time. With the recent explosion of social media, it is easier than ever to share catches, reach out to anglers with similar passions, and get the “bug” to go fishing.

With all these connections, it comes as no surprise that more people than ever are getting involved in the sport of fishing. For new anglers getting into the sport, and more specifically any ladies out there, they see a supportive community of dedicated anglers who are encouraging others to cast a line.

With social media, it’s easier than ever for women anglers to connect!

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Experience It

Whether these soon to be anglers see the beauty of nature through another’s pictures, or are inspired by another’s words, it is so vitally important for them to experience it themselves. The best way to do so, is simply to leap in head first, caution to the wind.

“Whether these soon to be anglers see the beauty of nature through another’s  pictures, or are inspired by another’s words, it is so vitally important for them to experience it themselves.”

To these soon-to-be anglers– give it a shot. Buy that first fishing pole, net, and fishing license. You do not have to have the nicest gear, nor do you have to understand every technique. Being a novice and experiencing the many firsts of fishing is half the fun. More than likely, the majority of anglers were introduced by family or friends, but if you do not have someone to take you fishing there is no harm in either asking an acquaintance that you know fishes, or simply diving in solo.

Emily Berry holding her first pike out of a Hobie kayak.

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Do Your Research 

If you are going the solo route, researching techniques, gear, and how-tos is a good way to start. From personal experience, it can be intimating just to see the vastness and complexity that can be involved with fishing. It seems every species has a million different ways to be caught during each time of year and under each weather pattern. Arm yourself with some knowledge before going out, but most importantly go out.

Go Fishing!

Time on the water is by far the best way to learn. Gaining experience with your water source and your local fish is the best knowledge to have and the more you go out the more conditions you will learn.

Another thing to keep in mind is to reach out to other anglers. A lot of specific knowledge is something you simply won’t find in an article or how-to video, but instead from other anglers. Hearing their perspective on how they fish or what works best for a certain situation can prove invaluable. You will find more often than not that many anglers are more than happy to help you.

One last word, specifically to the ladies– do not be intimidated. Fishing is not gendered and there is no limit to the fulfillment and passion you can gain simply from casting a line. From my own experience, I can tell you that catching my first fish was the best thing I could have done. My life, in many ways, has changed for the better.

Tightlines new anglers!

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